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Dienstag, 2. Februar 2010

...sculpting miniature hands

Hands ! I think that´s the most difficult part of sculpting miniatures! Since I started sculpting miniatures last year I thought it might be same like sculpting my other dolls ... WRONG... In the beginning I had so much trouble to sculpt those tiny hands !!! I was allways good in sculpting faces, but the hands...goodness...I remember it took me years to get pleased with the hands for my bigger dolls, but now it took me almost one year to say okay I like the tiny hands I´m sculpting....pooooh ! What do you think ? Here come some old hands.

And now the goal is to learn taking good photos of the miniatures !!!LOL


  1. Miniaturen zu modellieren ist ganz bestimmt eine große Umstellung. Kenn es aus Erfahrung - lach. Aber Du machst das wunderbar! Freu mich auf Neues!

  2. Die Hände sind einfach nur genial !!!!
    Auch die Photos.....lach.
    Toll gemacht Silke.
    LG, Karin

  3. They are wonderful Silke :0)
    I love sculpting hands, they have always been one of my favourite parts to work on.You casn show so much expression with them. Feet however I do not like ! If I had a fairy godmother to sculpt feet for me I would be very happy :0)
    julie xx

  4. I used to hate sculpting hands but now after trying time and time again its getting there:O)
    FeeT...well im not very keen on sculpting them but will keep trying until hopefully with practise i will get there too.
    Your sculpted hands are inspiring, very delicate and beautiful silke!

  5. Thanks so much girls ;o)
    Danke ihr Lieben !!!