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Samstag, 13. Februar 2010

..still winter...

a lot of snow outside ...so it was great to create another of my little winter kids :o)..here in front of my sugar Plum Fairy´s shop

es ist noch immer Winter, viel Schnee draussen und so machte es wirklich viel Spaß mal wieder ein kleines Winterkind herzustellen :o), hier ist sie vor dem Lädchen meiner Zuckerfee zu sehen

xxx Silke

Dienstag, 2. Februar 2010

...sculpting miniature hands

Hands ! I think that´s the most difficult part of sculpting miniatures! Since I started sculpting miniatures last year I thought it might be same like sculpting my other dolls ... WRONG... In the beginning I had so much trouble to sculpt those tiny hands !!! I was allways good in sculpting faces, but the hands...goodness...I remember it took me years to get pleased with the hands for my bigger dolls, but now it took me almost one year to say okay I like the tiny hands I´m sculpting....pooooh ! What do you think ? Here come some old hands.

And now the goal is to learn taking good photos of the miniatures !!!LOL