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Samstag, 4. Juni 2011

my treasures from the fair 1zu12

- I have a Phoenix from Irmi Miniarche
- 2 Watercans from Heidi Ott
- a pumkin birdhouse and
a pumkin teapot from Lotti
- tabletts with christmascookies ,
eastereggs in foil and filled,
a chocolate Santa and
two chocolate bunnies,
chocolate hearts in different sizes in foil from Irene/Miniflora
( no website yet...but coming soon, I´ll let you know)
- 2 rats from Ria Odik ( no website)
-and and the great blackbird pie is especially made for me by Georgia Marfels

Oooh and I totally forgot... Ooohpsi..a great filled shelf from Karin Caspar

Freitag, 3. Juni 2011

Current project - Aktuelles

for my nosy followers....

I´m creating a huge family of gnomes/Wichtel......... :o)

xxx Silke

für meine Neugiersnasen....
Ich bin gerade dabei eine Großfamilie von Wichteln zu erschaffen....