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Freitag, 3. April 2009

Which Hagrid ?

I allways wanted to sculpt Hagrid, my most favourite character from the Harry Potter movie.I think the actor is phenomenal, but how to create him in 1/12th ? The biggest problems are his hair and beard !! So I tried two heads for Hagrid, one with curls the other has more fizzy hair but appears more like straight hair... oh dear oh dear.... I should try a third head...hmmm
What do you think ?

Ich will schon seit langem Hagrid modellieren, einer meiner Lieblinge aus den Harry Potter Filmen, Ich finde den Schauspieler großartig ! Aber wie ist es ihn in 1.12 zu modellieren ? Das größte Problem sind seine Haare und der Bart !Ich habe nun 2 Köpfe gemacht, der eine mit Locken, der andere hat zwar krauses Haar , wirkt aber irgendwie glatt... oh Mann oh Mann...Ich sollte vielleicht einen 3.Kopf modellieren...
Was meint ihr dazu ?


  1. Silke I like them both, but I think The one with straight Hair is my favourite.

  2. They are both handsome. But I like the face of the Hagrid with straight hair better. But the hair is better curly.

  3. Hi Silke..

    Isn't he a Fun character to sculpt...I loved it! Both your faces are terrific...I think of the two...the one you are holding is my favorite...I like the slightly curly hair...

    Have a Fantastic Friday


  4. I can not choose, I find them both verry beautiful and good liking. Maybe the curly hair, there is what grey in there. but both faces a verry good!
    * marlies

  5. I loved both !!!!!! they are just terrific!!!!!!!!great job!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I love both of them, but if i had to chose then i wuld say i love the face of the one with straight hair, but prefer the curly hair of the other because i'd like that on the face with the straight hair.

  7. Die zwei sind aber wirklich gut gelungen!
    Mir gefallen alle beide sehr gut!
    Liebe Grüße,Miriam

  8. It´s a pitty,I couldn´t decide eather. I switched now the heads and the body of Hagrid "wears" now the head with the curly locks... pictures will come soon.But I like the other head too and will give him a body as soon as possible and i REALLY need to try a third one and combine all the positives,LOL ...But not now...later...just a bit later...