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Samstag, 26. November 2011

Back from the US, part 2 , Key West

from Newark we took the Amtrak Silver Star and headed forward to Miami, took a rental car and on to Key West...

At Fort Taylor they started preparing for a big Halloween event, but we left allready the other day

we stayed just one night in Key West, we expected more nature, not so much party....


  1. Key West was the wrong island to visit if you were looking for nature. That place is very much know for it's partying.:-) If you were near Ft. Myers, you should have stopped in Sanibel (where I live). It is a veritable nature preserve and quite peaceful. Most all of the island is protected sanctuary. Maybe next time?

  2. Ooops..I misunderstood. You were at the fort on Key West. That is Ft. Zachery Taylor, I believe.

  3. Oh good to know ! Yes the Fort´s name is wrong, Thanks Tabitha !!! We hadn´t done enough research about Key West before we left, but it was only one night, so it doesn´t matter :o)