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Samstag, 4. Juni 2011

my treasures from the fair 1zu12

- I have a Phoenix from Irmi Miniarche
- 2 Watercans from Heidi Ott
- a pumkin birdhouse and
a pumkin teapot from Lotti
- tabletts with christmascookies ,
eastereggs in foil and filled,
a chocolate Santa and
two chocolate bunnies,
chocolate hearts in different sizes in foil from Irene/Miniflora
( no website yet...but coming soon, I´ll let you know)
- 2 rats from Ria Odik ( no website)
-and and the great blackbird pie is especially made for me by Georgia Marfels

Oooh and I totally forgot... Ooohpsi..a great filled shelf from Karin Caspar


  1. Wow! These really ARE some treasures! Enjoy them!

  2. Oh my... What treasures You have!!
    LOVE the Phoenix and that filled shelf is awesome.