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Samstag, 26. März 2011

tomorrow evening at my Etsy shop

I´m busy taking photos for the Etsy update I promised,
I´m going to post following OOAK 1/12th miniature figures tomorrow evening/ german time (CET/ MEZ)( UTC+1). ( EST would be about +6 hours)
I´m sorry I can´t tell an exactly time, that is too complicated.
This night we have to switch the clock from 2am to 3am /daylight saving time and I don´t know exactly if USA and Australia will do this too.

I hope you are now as confused as I am,LOL
when checking words through the Google translater I found another word for confused, it is "befuddled", that sounds so funny ! I like that word ! Does this really mean the same like confused or is the translator fooling me again ???

So please if your interested in purchasing pleeeease check back often.....
xxx Silke


  1. Wonderful work Silke. Befuddled, yes it means confused, though it's not a word you hear very often. :o))

    Our clocks in the UK go forward 1 hr at 2.00am...loose an hour in bed! lol

    Michelle xxx

  2. Befuddled is a great word but I have another one for you....


    meaning to be confused or perplexed.

    It is my favourite word and I use it all the time to make my kids laugh!

  3. MAGNIFIQUE ! la robe de la fée Wouah ....................

  4. Janice, that word looks incredible, but how does it sound.... okay I need to hop over to Google and hear how it sounds...

    lololol yes you´re so right ! I like that word too, have to train now how to speak it ! Thanks so much for a new word !!!!!! :o)

    Merci Catherine !!!!!!!!

    xxx Silke

  5. beautiful Dolls Silke, my favourite is the wonderful Snow Fairy Queen , what an amazing dress, i want one! Kate xxx

  6. Befuddled is one of my favourite words, Silke - it describes me to perfection!