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Mittwoch, 2. Februar 2011

Soon opening: The Witch Fashion Cafe "The hopping pot"

have a peak on my latest projekt ;o)
I could finally show some pics :o)
( still not finished yet, but I think it´s now fun to see)
Enjoy !
( click pics to enlarge !)
xxx Silke

Candy made by Lotti
antique books and staples made by Karin Caspar
hats made by Kat Hazelton
foxglove made by Jeannette Buchholz


  1. ooooooo i love it!!! the ceiling is wonderful and i love the stone witches on the outside :D Linda x

  2. WOW SIlke its totally gorgeous I love everything about it! The spiderweb ceiling, the little witch in the dressing room, the racks of clothes, its all wonderful, a beautiful project to own! Kate xxx

  3. Fabulous! I love the ceiling design, and the worn detail of the walls, and those little carvings outside the doors. Great job! :)

    - Grace

  4. Thank you girls !!!I wanted to put eberything I like in that shop/Boutique/cafe/bookstore/Diner...LOLOLOL

  5. Great work!!Is very, very nice café...!!Kisses