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Donnerstag, 10. Juni 2010

I´m back !!!

Deutsche Version wird bald erscheinen unter:(german version will appear soon at) Silke-Schloesser.blogspot.com

now in english....

Hi friends I´m back from the Rik Pierce workshop.
It was my 2nd workshop with Rik Pierce and again I enjoyed this workshop soooo much, we had lot´s of fun and lot´s of work to do.
Themebox was: The Tanglewood box, for those who don´t know how the original Tanglewood box looks like, please visit Rik´s web photos at Rik Pierce

In the beginning I thought I´d like a different window and door, i sculpted these with polymere clay and took them with me and had to make them fit ...
The sculpting with papaer clay wasn´t new for me so I pushed myself to start and I decided to change a few things more....I didn´t want the inner room, just the front and more space to place my dolls in the front...

....I exchanged the front sides , wall to the left, door to the left and window to the right
....different window and door
...and topped it with a pink !!!!roof :o)

okay the roof shouldn´t look that pink, I had to work on that ;o)

I´m not yet finished, but you´ll get a first impression here what it´s like, it´s an old witch shop :o)

But....I have started the last day at the workshop allready another project and started with a modified Alchemist shoppe ;o)

more about that...soon

( the little blue/black picture in the shop window was used with permission from http://kingofmicestudios.blogspot.com/ Thank you sooo much Carolee !!!!!
xxx Silke


  1. Esta quedando realmente preciosa, enhorabuena!!
    Estoy deseando ver avances de tu nuevo proyecto
    besitos ascension

  2. Silke, This IS marvellous, I LOVE IT! :o))) I want to do the exterior of Hogwarts in Rik's style...wish me luck! I lots of paperclay to work with. ;o)

    Michelle xxx

  3. Silke, It is so wonderful!!! I am so excited to see this. I am taking my first Rik Pierce class at the end of July and am really looking forward to it!!!

  4. Hi girls, thanks so much !!! A Rik Pierce class is allways a great experience !!!

    -@ Ascension, thanks so much !!!And especially for all your comments !!!I love to use the Google translator to read your comments ! :o)

    -@ Gonda, thank you so much, I sculpted this window from polymere clay

    -@ Michelle, Oh I can´t wait to see what you´ll do !!!I wish you so much luck, if you need some tipps, if you stuck, send me a pic what you have and we´ll figure something out ;o) Will show you soon what project I started now :o)

    -@ Patty, you will love Rik and his humor ! and of course learn soooo much !!!Please send him my faery best wishes !!!

    xxx Silke

  5. Hi Silke,

    I will be sure to let you know if I need advice for the look of Hogwarts! I'm sure I will need it. :o) Thanks soooo much for that.

    Michelle xx

  6. Silke this looks amazing, it must be so much fun to take one of Riks workshops, I admire his work so much ! YOu have made such a great job of this, it makes me want to try too :0)
    julie xxx

  7. this is so great for making pictures with your figures...I should make something like that