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Dienstag, 10. März 2009

My dragon ...for Debbie

...just some inspirational pics for Debbie ;o)( click the image to see full size)he´s huge, that´s why he has the soft body, I can place him everywhere. If you sculpt a small one you can sculpt the whole body.That´s not so difficult as it seems to be.If you don´t manage it ,you just need to wait a bit till I have some tiny ones done ,LOL


  1. Silke he's wonderful, hasn't he got a lovely face. You are so gifted. If you ever want to send me an email, if you go to my profile page you can email from there.
    Thank you so much for taking the time to put these pictures on your blog.

  2. Hi Silke. Such a loveley dragon and just love the way he's sculpted and still has a sift body.
    Its all ever so clever!
    Nikki x

  3. Thank you girls, oh he´s my darling since about 15 years or so...he loves chocolate, so he fits in the family ;o)Liesl can ride him, but she´s not allowed !!!
    Yeah ,he´s soft in the middle, maybe the only big dragon you can cuddle, LOL ....I did the middle part of bigger ones allways in cloth, also with frogs and toads etc. It made it much easier for me to display when I had an exhibtion and much easier to ship oversees, but the tiny sizes have also their advantages :o)

  4. Silke this dragon is just amazing, I love all your work. Our favourite has to be the Sanderson Witch and we cant wait for you to finish the others!
    On our blog we have awarded you the FAB BLOG award as we love your blog, its a fantastic read, and lovely photos that make us wish we could win the lottery and buy all of your great creations!!! Lots of Hugs
    Kate and John